The tools below address some of the common questions that health care providers have regarding provision of health care to youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems and help them to properly and respectfully address the healthcare needs of these young people.


Fast Facts for Reproductive Health of Foster Youthfoster care repro health: A data snapshot of the sexual and reproductive health needs of young women in foster care. (Current. Updated 2017)


Sexual and Reproductive Health Care for Foster Youth: Minor Consent Law in California: A chart detailing the laws for minor consent among youth in foster care. (Current. Updated 2015)

Consent to Treatment for Youth in Juvenile Justice – By Custody and Placement: (Current. Updated 2018).

Consent to Treatment For Foster Youth – By Custody And Placement(Current. Updated 2021).


Reproductive and Sexual Health Care and Related Rights for Youth and Non-Minor Dependents in Foster Care: An all county letter issued by the state of California Department of Social Services that explains the rights foster youth have to reproductive health care. (Current. Updated 2016)

Consent to Medical Treatment for Foster Youth: This document for healthcare providers explains the medical consent rules that apply when children enter the foster care system in California. (Current. Updated 2016)

Consent to Treatment for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice SystemThis document for healthcare providers explains the medical consent rules that apply when children enter the juvenile delinquency system in California. (Current. Updated 2009)




"In 2021, [Los Angeles County foster] youth who identified as having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual reported that not wanting their caregivers to know their sexual orientation was a barrier to obtaining SRH information or care."

In foster care, there aren’t always adults to reliably answer your burning questions on relationships, sex & #reprohealth. That’s why former foster youth are bringing those conversations to you in RHEP’s new podcast, #SelfTaught. Stream it now: #RHEP #NCYL

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