Information about laws impacting adolescent health care access in California and nationally


Minor Consent Laws: A state by state summary

The summary will be available on July 15th, 2024.

The following two resources apply to all U.S. states

The Federal Title X Family Planning Program: Privacy and Access Rules for AdolescentsThis resource explains the purpose of the Title X Family Planning Program – to make family planning and related health services available for free or at low cost to eligible individuals, including adolescents – and examines the consent and confidentiality rules outlined within.

Federal Privacy Protection for Substance Abuse Treatment Records: A document explaining the regulations and laws around the protection of private records pertaining to substance abuse treatment for adolescents.

Additional Resources

State Minor Consent Laws, A Summary: Please visit the Center for Adolescent Health and Law page, which has a comprehensive guide to questions you may have around confidentiality and consent.

Minors Access Cards: Wallet cards summarizing the complex state minors access laws across 13 states are available from the Physicians for Reproductive Health site.

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