Sometimes minors can consent to their own health care without the permission or involvement of their parents. The resources on this page are meant to support healthcare providers by providing useful information to help them better understand the rights of minors to consent to specific kinds of health care in California.


 PrEP and PEP for Minors: FAQs about Consent, Access, and Confidentiality in CaliforniaThis document responds to frequently asked questions regarding consent, access, and confidentiality for PrEP and PEP treatment in California.

Consent to Medical Treatment for Foster Children: California Law: This document explains the medical consent rules that apply when children enter the juvenile dependency system in California.

A Minor’s Right to Abortion in CaliforniaAn in-depth explanation of the constitutionally-protected right of California minors to consent to abortion and to keep their reproductive information confidential.

The Federal Title X Family Planning Program: Privacy and Access Rules for AdolescentsThis resource explains the purpose of the Title X Family Planning Program – to make family planning and related health services available for free or at low cost to eligible individuals, including adolescents – and examines the consent and confidentiality rules outlined within.



"In 2021, [Los Angeles County foster] youth who identified as having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual reported that not wanting their caregivers to know their sexual orientation was a barrier to obtaining SRH information or care."

In foster care, there aren’t always adults to reliably answer your burning questions on relationships, sex & #reprohealth. That’s why former foster youth are bringing those conversations to you in RHEP’s new podcast, #SelfTaught. Stream it now: #RHEP #NCYL

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