Teen Health Law

Information About Laws Impacting Adolescent Health Care Access in California


TeenHealthLaw.org provides information on laws from minor consent and confidentiality to child abuse reporting, insurance regulations, and more. The site is designed to help health care providers understand the many laws that impact their work with adolescents. The site’s initial focus is on answering questions related to delivery of sensitive services and care for the subgroups of youth who often face increased barriers to needed care.

The website is part of the National Center for Youth Law’s Adolescent Health Law Project. Based on provider requests for information, the project’s staff research and create manuals, forms, and other tools to facilitate health care delivery to adolescents. Staff also respond to requests for technical assistance, education and training.




"In 2021, [Los Angeles County foster] youth who identified as having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual reported that not wanting their caregivers to know their sexual orientation was a barrier to obtaining SRH information or care."

In foster care, there aren’t always adults to reliably answer your burning questions on relationships, sex & #reprohealth. That’s why former foster youth are bringing those conversations to you in RHEP’s new podcast, #SelfTaught. Stream it now: https://rhep.info/selftaught-podcast #RHEP #NCYL

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