Information about laws impacting adolescent health care access in California and nationally


School based and school linked health care can be an important way for young people to access critical health services. The materials on this page address some of the common legal questions that arise when students seek health and mental health care during the school day.


HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on Sharing School Health Information in California, 2nd ed.: This resource, originally created by the National Center for Youth Law for the California School-Based Health Alliance (formerly CSHCA), and now updated in 2018, provides essential information for navigating the interactions of HIPAA and FERPA in school health programs, including school health centers, school-based mental health programs, school nursing services, and other health services delivered on school campuses. (Current. Updated 2018)

Confidential Medical Release – Frequently Asked Questions from Schools and Districts: A comprehensive document examining common questions about confidential medical release and students leaving school during the school day for confidential medical appointments. (Current. Updated 2015)

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